A downloadable game for Windows

This is the first version of the game, there is still work to be done. Right now you can try out some of the jobs we implemented and get an apartment. In the next updates we want to add the Drugs system and the Hitman job.



NewLife Download 0.1.3.rar 65 MB

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it says there is not an app with it lol :(


It's Realistic I Opened It It Was Realistic & It Killed My Computer's Graphic

i dowloaded  mine

only 65mb? its 100% scam

thats for the downloader

stfu this game is not even supposed to be real

scam just like Bigfry said it would be

cant get it to work keep sending me here https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl/k4ov6jqqbfx95kb/NewLife%200.1.3.rar

and i get error 404

Did not get a steam key............

Hello i bought this game for maybe 3 Weeks now its coming on Steam but i dont get a key or confirmation . 

hello i bought your game but i didn't get a link or key to play it.

Where can is my steam key located? I purchased it last night, and sent a message to the studio, but I can't seem to find a way to get the game.


Bought game, downloaded itch, when installing it will say 

"while extracting (NewLife Download 0.1.3/WindowsNoEditor/NewLifeDownload/Content/Paks/NewLifeDownload-WindowsNoEditor.pak): dmc_unrar_extract_file_with_callback: error 19: File CRC-32 checksum mismatch"

I spent money on this and it says theres an error in "butler" and I have no idea how to fix it. I will be very mad if this doesnt work.

I bought the game but I don't know how to download it right

Hi, you should be able to downloat it from the Itch.io website.

i downloaded it but i dont know how to run it


Well i tried to download it and it says theres an error

please help

I am in the same boat as you. Did you ever get it running?

well i know that its been 9 months seens then but if you still wanna play the game you have to open the file and then try to find the NewLife.exe then double click it and it will open


How do we get our keys because we didn't pre-order through steam?

how big exactly is this demo?

what will u be able to do when it comes out on steam  what kinda jobs are out for it right now

when will this game be out

this would be cool in vr, are you thinking of that?

pluse dont know what system regs i need

cant even dowload it so why pay for it 

I would like to pre order the game but it looks way to ambitious and without a proper demo showing any game play I don't know if it would be worth it to pay for a game that I don't have any reason to think will be good.

I just bought the game of €10, but I didn’t receive a mail containing information? Is that normal?

Hi, thank you for purchasing the game. You will get an email with the key when the game is realeased.

Mine isnt working


Will this be on Mac? Looks amazing

For now no, but in the future probably


Not available on Windows?

you can downlowd it on GameJolt

doesn't work on gamejolt either, it just does the same thing.

There Will  be customization car and weapons?

Can't wait!!


dessu cest que sur mac

Looks amazing, any idea when it'll come out fully. I'm quite interested, you might put the Arma 3 life mod out to dry.

We hope to have and Alpha by the end of September, but the game will be launch  in 2019 on Steam.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi i like the concept i will keep this game in my collection!

we will live a simple denizen of GTA :D

i want to be fire fighter just like san andreas :D

but now its still a house simulator

btw, how can i rotate the furniture?

this is better than GTA.

Hey I'm a YouTuber and I joined the discord, I will be making a video on this soon can't wait:) 

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When did you start development for this game? It already looks awesome and I'm jumping face first on the bandwagon for it!

Will this be on Steam?

Yes, but for now, we don't know when

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